Well, it's time for the snow to make it's triumphed return to the Hudson Valley. Are you prepared?

Growing up here in the Hudson Valley, I've seen it all. I remember in the 1990's it seemed like we had a blizzard every other year. Nowadays, the winters don't seem to be as severe. Maybe a couple of big storms but definitely different than the past. One thing that is consistent over the years is that residents here in the Hudson Valley always seem to be surprised when it snows.

Why do people seem to thrown off by the arrival of winter or a snowstorm? I'm not sure honestly, I mean we live in New York, we get snow during this time of the year, and guess what? Next year the snow will come back. It's crazy, I know.

Either way, you need to be ready for when the snow does decide to arrive. The forecast this week is calling for over a foot of snow to fall between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon. Make sure you have the proper supplies for when it does snow. Pull the shovels out of the garage, get the salt ready throw onto the sidewalk, and make sure you have your brushes ready for the car. I always keep two scrapers and brushes in my car just in case.

One thing I always forget is the windshield washing fluid. Once the snow is gone, and the roads are loaded with salt and sand, you're going to need to be stocked up on windshield washing fluid, or you'll be driving with your head out of the window like Ace Ventura.

Be prepared for the storm, and stay safe!

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