Classic Rock lovers in Sullivan County have reported issues hearing their favorite radio station.

While many people in the Hudson Valley are familiar with 101.5 WPDH, some may be unaware that the Home of Rock and Roll also broadcasts on a second FM frequency. In areas north of Middletown through Sullivan County WPDH can be heard on 106.1. The simulcast broadcast fills in a radio "dead zone" that has trouble receiving a strong signal on 101.5.

Unfortunately, some WPDH listeners in Sullivan County have recently had problems tuning into 106.1. If you've noticed that WPDH no longer comes in clearly at 106.1 on your radio, you can help fix the problem. Just drop a quick email to WPDH's program director at Be sure to document where you were located when you had trouble tuning in and what time of day it was.

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Temporary issues such as solar flares, inclement weather and other atmospheric conditions can cause reception issues, but consistent problems with a radio station's broadcast could have more serious problems that require further investigation. Interference from unlicensed radio operators, improperly shielded electronic equipment or other radio stations operating at too much power can cause you to suddenly lose reception of local broadcasts. In these situations, documentation from radio listeners is needed to identify and fix the problem.

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In the meantime, WPDH can still be heard over the free mobile app which allows listeners in poor reception areas to hear the station in crystal clear clarity. If you're having trouble receiving The Home of Rock and Roll on your radio, be sure to let us know and give the online broadcast a try until the problem is resolved.

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