AOL's AIM will set its away message...permanently. 

AOL Instant Messenger, a very popular form of communication form the early days of the internet will shut down for good on Dec. 15 after 20 years of service.

AIM launched in 1997, and rode the wave of being one of the more dominant instant-messaging platforms through the early 2000's.

AOL, which is now a unit of Verizon's Oath made the announcement of Friday. You will still be able to use your email address to send and recieve email as usual.

As for your 'buddy list', unfortunately, you will not be able to save or export the contacts.

Do you still remember your AIM user name. I think I had like 20 different ones.

AIM is being shut down so the company can focus on new products. There is no replacement for AIM planned for release.