What will they think of next?

A lot of us have had those nights where you just don't know your limits when partying and end up hurling all over the place. Yeah, that makes a real mess and it's embarrassing.

Well, we can't help you not embarrass yourself, but now you can don't have to throw away a good pair of shoes just because you threw up all over them.

Adidas has released a new "barf resistant" Munchen shoe just in time for Octoberfest. According to the NY Daily News:

They're made in Germany from coated brown leather — specifically designed to match a festive pair of lederhosen — which the shoemakers ensure is "puke and beer repellent."

Of course, with quality and innovation comes a price,. The limited edition sneakers are expensive. Try $240 dollars.

But if you order them while they last they'll get shipped to your home along with a Octoberfest beer mug so you can drink up and maybe even break in your new sneaks. By break in, we mean throw up.