A local high school has gained media attention after it was announced they are considering doing away with a 30-year-old varsity program.

CBS News in New York reports that Monroe-Woodbury High School in Orange County is facing a tough decision whether to shut down the varsity ice hockey team. School Superintendent Elise Rodriguez told CBS that the move is a result of "difficult times." for the district.

The decision is due to budgetary concerns, but also lack of interest in the sport. Currently, Monroe-Woodbury is the only school with a team in their state section. With no other teams in section 9, they say it may be time to disband the varsity team.

Players and their family members are obviously not happy with the prospect of losing the team. The Superintendent will be holding a meeting on Monday to discuss the future of the hockey program. Rodriguez says they need $63,000 to keep the team going, which would require a major fundraising effort.