Maple syrup may taste great on pancakes and waffles. But just wait until you combine it with one of these other surprising foods.

We spoke with Michael Cobb from Crown Maple Syrup right here in the Hudson Valley. Not only does Crown make some of the best syrup in the country, but the CIA trained chefs at their Dover Plains farm have also created some incredible dishes that include syrup as an ingredient.

Cobb says that syrup is extremely versatile and complements the flavors of many different kinds of foods. Don't believe him? Well try maple syrup with one of these foods and we guarantee you'll become a believer.

Adding some maple syrup to a vinaigrette dressing, or just drizzling some on top of your salad is a great, natural way to add sweetness.

Coffee and Tea
Forget the processed sugars, some pure maple syrup is a better way to sweeten your morning pick-me-up.

Ice Cream
Replace your chocolate syrup with the natural flavor of maple syrup for an incredible dessert idea.

On cereal
For those who pour sugar on their cereal or oatmeal, substitute some syrup instead. It just makes sense and adds a whole new layer of flavor.

We had some kettle corn tossed with Crown Maple Syrup that was out of this world. You need to try this tonight.

Honey is a common topping for yogurt, so why not maple syrup? Mix some dark maple in for a hit of sweetness.

Pulled Pork
Crown Maple Syrup offers some infused syrups that are perfectly suited to recipes like this. Their bourbon barrel aged syrup or apple wood smoked syrup are great for savory dishes and barbecue sauces.

We tried some "bread and butter" style pickles brined with maple syrup. The sweetness plays incredibly well against the acid from the vinegar.

Hard Apple Cider and Beer
Crown Maple has partnered with Angry Orchard to develop a limited-edition cider made with syrup. It's not the first time their syrup has been used in alcohol. Newburgh Brewing and other local breweries have used syrup for special brews in the past.

For more ideas you can visit the Crown Maple Syrup farm for yourself. Hours and special events are listed on their website. Be sure to visit the on-site cafe where you can try food made by CIA trained chefs, who use syrup in even more surprising ways.