Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach when you look at this.

The Pizza Barn, located in Yonkers, N.Y., is selling a monstrous two-foot-long slice of pizza that goes for $10.

The item, which can come with toppings, has been on the menu for awhile now and last year Pizza Barn owner Angelo DeLuca explained to WPIX how he got the inspiration for the enormous slice.

I was thinking I wanted to do something different. Something bigger. I researched a little bit. They got big pies, everyone has big pies. I wanted to create something bigger, tastes better.

It's definitely eye-catching, if not appetite-satisfying, and furthers the notion that the Big Apple could really be called the Big Pizza. Remember the pizza box that a pizzeria in Brooklyn sells? Let's just hope this slice doesn't make its customers lose their minds.

Is bigger always better? Well, in food, it sure seems like it. In other areas, like, say, this chicken, we're not quite sure.