Summertime in the Hudson  Valley is upon us, and we're going to be out and about exploring, taking day trips, vacationing, and there are certain things that will make our lives easier this summer.

Let's face it, there are certain things you need to keep close as we enter the warmer months here in the Hudson Valley. I'm the type of person that likes to be prepared when I'm going anywhere. If I'm going hiking I always have my backpack that has basic survival stuff in it, because you never know what can happen. I spent one year in the boy scouts as a kid and learned to always be prepared. I really just wanted to do the pinewood derby, turns out I learned something else.

Either way, I'm sure you have certain things that you keep by your side during this time of year. Here are some things that you might want to keep close.

11 Must-Have Summer Items You'll Want To Keep Close

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