More than ever, we are aware and tuned into our bodies. Some say that we can thank ourselves for growing, evolving and raising our level of awareness.

Over the years, we not only learn about ourselves as we grow but what we like even more so. We may even feel the need to research about ourselves. Whether its diving into ancestry info, our birth chart or finding alternative healing solutions, there is so much to explore.

For myself, I'm really into astrology and anything that has to do with the sun, moon and stars. This would answer the question of yes, I know my birth chart and my sun, rising sign and moon sign.

Whether someone is an avid astrology lover or just a beginner, there are gifts for everyone. Supporting local businesses is important now, more than ever. We can accomplish both of these and still get a thoughtful gift. Doesn't matter if they're a Sagittarius or Gemini, there's something for everyone.

From customized zodiac dishes, candles, candles and books, there may be something that you may want for yourself.

Here are the top 3 Hudson Valley spots to grab the ideal gift for your friend who's into astrology.

Good Vibes Rock & Shop

3020 NY 207-Suite 2, Campbell Hall NY 10916


The name behind this shop speaks for itself, all good vibes. Not only is this business locally owned and operated, but all of the resin gifts are handmade. Other items such as candles, essential oils, inspiring t-shirts and more are made by entrepreneurs throughout the Hudson Valley.

Take a look at their beautiful zodiac dishes here.

Dreaming Goddess

44 Raymond Ave, Poughkeepsie NY 12603

Chrysoprase gemstone. Jadeite mineral

This magical shop is everything you would dream it could be. From crystals to cards, incense, jewelry and more. It seems that there is something for everyone at Dreaming Goddess. If you're into books, stickers, perfume or even interested in classes, these are available as well.

If you would like a reading done or find out more about it, click here.

Sunshine Studios

563 E Main St, Middletown NY 10940


Looking for somewhere groovy to escape to? Look no further. Every time I step into Sunshine Studios, I instantly feel relaxed with the inviting smells.  From clothes to books, incense, crystals and more, you could spend hours here. If you're in need of a new bag or wallet, be sure to stop by.

Take a look at their colorful tapestries here.

What's your zodiac sign? Share with us below.

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