The lineup is unique, but it's only because we can do it here at WPDH.  You will hear live performances from The Rolling Stones in Cuba, Queen in England and Twisted Sister also in England on the WPDH Soundcheck.  Sunday night at 10pm on 101.5 WPDH and on the mobile app.

The Rolling Stones concert is unique.  It was recorded not that long ago, 2016 to be exact in Havana, Cuba.  It was just 5 days after President Obama visited the island, a first for a "sitting" president at the time since Calvin Coolidge our 30th president, visited the island in 1928.  The Stones performed free for the citizens of Cuba in March of that year.  It was recorded for a live album called "Havana Moon" which has been out in stores and online download for a while now.