Vacations are something we all look forward to, a chance to clear your head and relax. But, How could I be excited about a staycation during a pandemic?

Every year I usually take the last two weeks of the year off. The kids are home, so my wife and I like to take that time off too so we can all relax together, or if we wanted, take a trip somewhere. This year obviously is quite different than any of the previous years, and with the positive cases of COVID-19 on the rise again here in the Hudson Valley, the likelihood of going anywhere is pretty slim.

So why would I be excited about having time off when there's really nothing to do? Well, let me just say I'm burnt out. This pandemic has been exhausting, bouncing from working from home to back at work, to back at home, to becoming a teacher for my kids, worrying about getting sick, getting tested, and waiting for results, and the list continues.

I need this time off badly, to the point where I don't care if I sit around in my sweats for two weeks. I need a disconnect and a chance to clear my head from this crazy year we've been subjected to. Honestly, I don't even want to do anything but a whole bunch of nothing. It's sad that I feel like that.

Is anybody feeling my pain this year? I know you are, it's okay. Comment below on how you plan on relaxing during this holiday season. Maybe you don't have any vacation time coming up, there has to be something you do to relax, let us know.

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