Seems some fans are not happy about Metallica's co-headlining the UK's Glastonbury Festival and part if it stems from James Hetfield's involvement with a new TV series. An online petition (See the page HERE) has been started by animal activists to get Metallica dropped from Glastonbury because of James Hetfield's well known love of bear hunting, and his signing on to narrate a new History Channel show called The Hunt. The series is set to debut June 8th, and run for eight episodes, and follow a hunters to the Alaskan wilderness as they search for the Kodiak brown bear. Metallica may seem like a curious choice to play Glastonbury, considering the festival mainly focuses more on Brit Rock, indie, world music, electronica, plus a few more well known contemporary acts (Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, and Neil Young have all headlined). Scottish band Mogwai was NOT thrilled that Metallica was added either...going on to say that Lars Ulrich was "a terrible drummer" and that the band was "S**T".

See The Hunt trailer here

James talks about bear hunting in Russia from Some Kind of Monster