Ahhh, Spring. Already we are seeing flowers, everything is turning green, the trees have buds and the birds are chirping. It’s a beautiful season. But pretty soon, we’re going to hear more than birds chirping. And we’ll be seeing something that’s far from beautiful.

This year, 2021, is a cicada year. Yup, it’s been that long since the last invasion already, and soon they’ll be rearing their ugly little heads. And in certain areas this year, their ugly little heads are even uglier. Because this is the year of the Brood X cicada. According to USA Today, Brood X cicadas are black with big red eyes and a wingspan of 3 - 4 inches. Yuk. And their lifespan is 6 - 8 weeks. So, they’ll be around for a good part of the summer. And when they’re gone, they’ll leave their ugly little sticky skeletons around. I’m not a fan. Although, I did recently read that Brood X cicadas taste like shrimp. Willing to find out? Not me.

Last time the cicadas were in town, I was leaving an antique store in Staatsburg with my very first of a collection of vintage Yellow Ware bowls. I was happily carrying my little shopping bag to my car when all of a sudden a giant cicada came storming at me and landed on my wrist, at which point I screamed and the bag with my new bowl flew into the air and landed on the ground. Believe it or not, the bowl was unharmed. Lucky for that cicada, or his lifespan may have been shortened that day. If I wasn’t so scared of him.

Anyway, get ready. Because in late April and early May, when the ground temperature hits about 65 degrees, they will emerge. They will be ugly and they will be loud. But, they are part of nature, and maybe this year I will try to embrace the cicadas. Or not.  

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