The past several days brought milder and less humid air across the Hudson Valley, giving most a much needed break. We also finally had a week where there wasn't any precipitation to potentially spoil your outdoor plans. Of course, it's still early August, so that was all bound to change. Forecasters are saying more summer heat and humidity is on its way back to the Hudson Valley. Does this mean there's another chance for thunderstorms?

Highs Friday will approach the upper 80s, with mostly sunny skies. Lows overnight will stay in the mid 60s, which will be a few degrees warmer than what it's been for most of this week. Saturday will see much more humid weather and afternoon highs near 90. Once it starts getting this muggy during the day, then we start to factor in the heat index again. An isolated shower or thunderstorm is also possible by the afternoon. Lows will only reach around 70 Saturday night.

The chance for thunderstorms increases by Sunday, as highs will again reach near 90. Heat indices could reach the mid 90s during the day, as the humidity is expected to persist across the area. Lows Sunday night will again be around 70. Meteorologists say the heat will last through most next week, as highs will stay in the upper 80s with a chance for scattered thunderstorm each day.

But while we're talking about summer weather and heat and humidity, some are already planning ahead for this winter. The Farmers' Almanac released their first extended forecast for winter 2021-22, and they're calling for temps and snowfall to remain close to average. The Almanac seems to be calling for a more average winter for the Northeast, as temperature and precipitation levels should be near normal amounts for the season. The term "frosty flip-flop" was used, indicating potential sudden cold snaps. They're predicting a somewhat stormy January for the area, followed by a more tranquil February. That would be a stark contrast from this previous February, that brought record snowfall amounts across the Hudson Valley. There is always a chance for a big snowstorm any given February though, so don't let your guard down.

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