If you're waiting for a train in Dutchess County and the tracks are covered in snow, you might want to back up a little bit.

These commuters learned that lesson the hard way this week after they were socked with flying snow from an oncoming Amtrak train. Train service was suspended on Tuesday after winter storm Stella dumped over two feet of snow in our area. With no trains on the tracks, the snow piled up a bit.

As you can see in the video below, the snow was actually over the platform at the Rhinecliff train station when this incredible slow-motion scene was captured. As the train approaches the station commuters can be seen typing away at their phones, unaware that they would soon be completely covered in snow.

One by one you can see each commuter get completely engulfed in snow until the blast finally reaches the photographer and knocks out the video.

Have you ever witnessed anything like this on the Metro North or Amtrak lines? It's safe to say that these train travelers will think twice before standing so close to the edge of the platform next time.