On Tuesday morning a tractor trailer rollover has added to an already challenging morning commute.

Snow, sleet and ice have made the Tuesday morning commute much slower than usual. Now a rollover on I-84 has caused even more backups and delays. WPDH traffic reporter Nancy Reamy is saying the vehicle rolled over on Route 84 between the exits for Route 9 and 9D.

Facebook user Bill Reilly shared the image above of crews surrounding the truck on the westbound lane early this morning.

We received word from an emergency worker who says the gas tank on the truck was compromised, which he believed would make the cleanup take some time. Add that to the slippery driving conditions and drivers should expect some major delays heading westbound through Dutchess County on I-84 throughout the morning.

As of 7:40am cars were completely stopped on I-84 west starting at the Route 9 exit. Full closures of the roadway and more lane closures are expected throughout the morning commute as crews continue to clean up the accident.

Drivers should expect more delays on Route 9 near the area of I-84 as well as Route 52 and even parts of 9D.

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