Well, if Tom Hanks were going to spend 90 minutes reenacting a stretch of Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s life, it’s only fair the real Sully gets to do the same. See for yourself in the official Hanks biopic trailer, complete with Hanks’ old Bosom Buddies star Peter Scolari!

Jimmy Kimmel and Sullenberger himself surprised Hanks with the brief parody, which runs through everything from Hanks’ sitcom days, to Forrest Gump. Pity that Hanks and Scolari never actually share the screen in their old Bosom Buddies getup, but it’s the thought that counts.

It never seems to lose meaning, that an ordinary airline pilot managed to spin a life-saving maneuver into a near-decade’s worth of fame, Clint Eastwood movies and a round of talk-show appearances alongside Tom Hanks. And while the real Sully may not have the same acting chops as his cinematic counterpart, the pilot reminds everyone of his efforts “the good news is after I did a terrible job of acting, no one got hurt.”

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