2016 has been the year of reliving the O.J. Simpson murder trial in dramatic television, from The People v. O.J. to O.J.: Made in America. So of course Jimmy Kimmel kicked off the Emmys with an O.J. spoof.

The opening skit found the host rushing to the Emmys in the back of a familiar white Bronco in a high speed chase. Hopping in any vehicle he could to get to the ceremony, Kimmel next hitched a ride from Modern Family‘s Dunphys, then asked Selina Meyers for a ride when her Presidential limo rolled up. Job Bush made a cameo, and finally Kimmel made the best entrance possible: on the back of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon.

In his opening monologue Kimmel took every opportunity he could to make a few more O.J. Simpson jokes, asking the real Marcia Clark, who sat beside double nominee Sarah Paulson, if she was rooting for O.J. to win this time. (Paulson wasn’t feeling the joke). Kimmel also handed Jeffrey Tambor his award early (he’s gotta win again, right?), took a moment to celebrate the diversity among this year’s Emmy nominees, and blamed the existence of television for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

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