New York residents know that when you spend a lot of time outdoors you risk carrying ticks and the possible illnesses that come with them. What happens when they get inside your home?

Many New Yorkers are spending a lot of time outside right now and rightfully so. This is the perfect time to go out on a local trail or go to park. When you're outside you need to watch out for a common parasite. Ticks can carry several illnesses.

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Ticks are small parasites and we all know parasites need a host to survive. How long  can these things live without a host especially once you accidentally track them inside. I thought that ticks needed to feed constantly but that isn't true. Ticks are not the most common insect found in houses but they still can make it inside.

According to Terminix, once indoors, most ticks can typically survive for up to 24 hours but there are some tick species that can live for up to several days. Some ticks can survive longer without feeding than others. However, they will eventually become dehydrated and die if they do not find a host to feed on.

May was Lyme Disease Awareness Month but ticks and tick-borne illnesses can be a hazard during the warm spring, summer and fall months.

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