Wow! A lottery ticket sold in the Hudson Valley is worth nearly $20 million. Go check your tickets!

Empire State residents are hoping to get lucky this weekend. The prize for Friday's Mega Millions will be at least $660 million.

'Excitement Grows' In New York As Friday Could Be Record Setter

Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot Rises Past $600 Million
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The $660 million estimated jackpot will mark the fifth largest prize in the game's 20-year history of Mega Millions!

Meanwhile, Saturday's Powerball jackpot is currently $119 million.

As New Yorkers await this weekend's drawings, one multi-million dollar lottery ticket was already sold in the Hudson Valley.

Ticket Worth Nearly $20 Million Sold in Westchester County, New York

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A jackpot-winning ticket for the July 20th drawing of the New York LOTTO was sold in Westchester County, according to New York State lottery officials.

The winning numbers for Wednesday's drawing were 7-17-23–29-48-57 with a bonus number 21.

The winning ticket hit on all of the numbers, including the bonus number, according to lottery officials.

Ticket Worth Nearly $20 Million Sold in Yonkers, New York


The jackpot-winning ticket for Wendedays' New York LOTTO drawing was sold at the Yonkers Mini Mart & Deli located at 750 Yonkers Avenue in Yonkers, New York.

The ticket is worth $18.9 million before taxes, according to the New York State Lottery.

It's unclear who purchased the winning ticket. The winner has one year to claim the $18.9 million prize.

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Claim Your Share Of Lost Money In New York State

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