A list released by the New York State Department of Health shows 17 Hudson Valley doctors that can legally prescribe medical marijuana.

With Marijuana now legal in New York State, many people have been wondering how to get a prescription. Last year we spoke to William Samselski, a pharmacist at Vassar Brothers Hospital, and he told us that patients must meet certain requirements in order to qualify for medical marijuana. Only residents of New York State who are being treated by a specially registered doctor can be recommended to receive treatment. Additionally, the doctor must certify your condition and their belief that you would benefit from medical marijuana.

Doctors who are allowed to prescribe medical marijuana can opt to remain anonymous, so there may very well be even more doctors in our area that can legally write a prescription. The names of the doctors on the list below have all been released by New York State.

Dutchess County

  • Dr. Steven Jay Bock in Rhinebeck
  • Dr. Sumita S Mazumdar in Poughkeepsie
  • Dr. Kaymie M Johnston in Wappingers Falls
  • Dr. Joanne Arbusto in Wappingers Falls
  • Dr. Gladys E Cardenas in Wappingers Falls

Orange County

  • Dr. Glen S. Kay in Newburgh
  • Dr. Riaz A. Chaudhry in Newburgh
  • Dr. Ralph J. Alvarez in Warwick
  • Dr. Paul I Saladino in Newburgh
  • Dr. Daniel Perri in Middletown
  • Dr. Thomas R. Eanelli in Middletown

Ulster County

  • Dr. Maggie D. Carpenter in New Paltz
  • Dr. Lauren R. Vigna in Highland
  • Dr. Robert Craig Hamilton in Kingston
  • Dr. Ravi Ramaswami in Saugerties
  • Dr. Eugene Perlov in Kingston

Sullivan County

  • Dr. Barry M. Scheinfeld in Harris

Only non-smokable marijuana is allowed in New York for medical treatment. Joints or loose pot leaves won’t be given out. Dispensary’s will be only distributing liquids and oils for vaporizers and capsules. A 30-day supply is the maximum that can be obtained at once and it must be kept in its original packaging at all times. Even with a prescription, it is still illegal to use medical marijuana in public.

full list of doctors who can prescribe medical marijuana throughout New York State, that did not wish to remain anonymous, is available online.