What is the O+ (pronounced O positive) festival you might ask?  It's a not for profit organization that connects musicians, artists, health and wellness providers, and the community in a weekend long celebration.

The O+ Festival was started in Kingston back in 2010, and it's become huge.  They now hold O+ Festivals in California and Chicago, with more planned.  Many artists and musicians are without health insurance, which means they have no way to pay for healthcare.  So they often go without.  The O+ festival is a great solution.  Everybody gives what they can, whether it be music, art, or donations.  People helping people.

The O+ festival is this weekend, October 9-11 in Kingston.  There will be 60 bands including Corey Glover from Living Colour, 25 artists, a wellness expo, wellness classes, and so much more.  Come to the O+ Festival and celebrate good music, good art, and good health for everyone.  For all the info, visit http://opositivefestival.org/kingston/

Corey Glover from Living Colour
Ethan Miller/Getty Images