This is the drink that has everyone flocking to a small Hudson Valley wine bar.

The di'Vine Wine Bar has been getting rave reviews ever since opening up right over the falls in the Village of Wappingers. Two of the owners, Casey and Steve, have added a new drink to their menu that has started quite a buzz.

The Sparkling Sorbet can't really decide if it's a mixed drink or a dessert. But that's just fine because it comes served with a spoon and a straw. We got a sneak peek as to how this cocktail is made and just how Casey and Steve say you should drink (or eat) it.

The best part about the Sparkling Sorbet is that if you order one from now through August 26, $1 will go towards helping out Alex's Lemonade Stand, a foundation for childhood cancer.

Besides the Sparkling Sorbet, di'Vine will also donate $1 for any other item you order that uses lemon as an ingredient. This includes their arugula and beet flatbread, the mushroom panini, ice cream with lemon biscotti or any drink you ask for a lemon wedge with.