The local orchards and pumpkin patches are overrun with tourists and families that have flocked to the Hudson Valley for the authentic, Fall experience. If you've ever spent a Saturday picking pumpkins you've most likely seen at least a few of these people. Which one are you?


Pumpkin Patch
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The Photoshoot Family
You've seen these parents in the pumpkin patch and marveled at their optimism. They've dragged the kids away from the TV, got them all dressed up in terribly uncomfortable outfits only to sit them on a wet, dirty pumpkin expecting them to smile for the ultimate Autumn portrait. Next, it's off to the hayride for some iPhone video that will be added into this year's "Fabulous Fall Family Day" video. Of course, all of that whining and crying will need to be heavily edited before it's emailed to Aunt Linda.



Pumpkin Couple
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The Awkward Only-Recently-Started-Dating Couple
You've finally made it "official" this Fall so there's no escaping it; you have to bring her to a pumpkin patch. You'll see these couples slowly walking around the field, suddenly realizing that this is not nearly as fun as hanging out at the bar. And talk about pressure. Choosing the right pumpkin isn't just about making a jack-o-lantern, it's now setting precedent for every other decision you'll make as a couple for the rest of your life. Let your girlfriend get her way with the skinny, stemless gourd she's picked out and it's a sure bet that you'll be driving around in a gold minivan within 5 years.



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The People Who Love Apples Way Too Much
"You're not picking Macoun apples are you? They don't even compare to a good Golden Delicious. And if you think you're going to make an apple pie with that bag of Red Delicious apples you're delusional. They may be good hand-fruits, but for baking there's no beating a Braeburn." Thanks, I think I'm going to pick apples in the field over there now.



Pumpkin Snookie
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The New York City Day-Tripper
These are the easiest people to spot in the pumpkin patch. Just look for the women gingerly wading through the mud wearing $500 high heels. They're most likely walking next to men who have never spent a day in nature, but feel it's necessary to explain to everyone why each pumpkin is terribly flawed. The goal of their visit isn't as much about searching for pumpkins as it is hunting for the perfect selfie to post on Instagram to show all of their friends in SoHo how "down to earth" they really are. #countrylife.



Pumpkin Picking
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The "Get-It-Over-With" Guy
He dreads this visit to the orchard every year. But he knows that he'll never hear the end of it if he doesn't bring the family out to select the perfect pumpkin. He's the guy getting more and more anxious as it gets closer and closer to the Giants' kick off time. This dad is turning on his GPS in the corn maze so there's no way he's getting lost and spending any more time in there than necessary. Once that pumpkin is finally in the wagon and the last drop of apple cider is gone it's a full-on sprint back to the car to make it home by halftime.

So do any of these people sound like you? What is your experience like at the local orchard or pumpkin patch? Let us know in the comments section below.