"Was it good for you?" has never been a more loaded question.

You can now buy a "smart condom" that keeps tabs on your performance in the bedroom because we have to have "smart" everythings in the 21st century.

Dubbed the i.Con Smart Condom, it's not actually a condom at all; rather this creation out of Britain is "a ring that will sit over a condom at the base."

i.Con Smart Condom
British Condoms

And what exactly does it do, you ask? Good question. According to the product page:

Utilizing a Nano-chip and sensors, i.Con will measure and remember a number of different variables during your sessions. Once your session is completed, you will then be able to use the i.Con app to download your recent data which is paired to the device using Bluetooth technology.

i.Con will record:

-  Calories burnt during sexual intercourse

-  Speed of thrusts

-  Total number of thrusts

-  Frequency of sessions

-  Total duration of sessions

-  Average velocity of thrusts

-  Girth measurement

-  Different positions used (currently BETA testing – will have more info in a release coming soon)

-  Average skin temperature

So, yeah, Bluetooth, meets blue balls (sorry, but the joke had to be made). Between this and the condom Slinky, protection has never been more versatile.

The i.Con costs about $75 and comes (heh heh) with a one-year warranty. It will be available in one size, but can be adjusted for your unit. Data will also remain anonymous, although users can share their stats, which means we won't be surprised when the day a mass hacking happens and the world learns Nigel from Liverpool can only go about 90 seconds.