Do you get enough sleep during the week?

Many of us don't. Everything from stress at work, young kids, to lack of sleep from looking at memes on Instagram on your hone in bed can cause you lose valuable time asleep.

for year, many scientists said you can't make up for lost sleep. Well, now it looks like a new study is refuting this. The study conducted at the University of Stockholm - and published in the journal Sleep, says that making up for lost weeknight sleep on the weekends might be good for you. 

Torbjörn Åkerstedt, who is a biological psychology professor at the Center for Stress Research, lead the study:

It seems like you actually can compensate by catching up on sleep during weekends. This is in effect an argument for lazing around all weekend. There probably is an upper limit, but it's anyway better to increase [sleep hours] on the weekend rather than not doing it at all.

Seems like common sense, right? So if you like napping on a Saturday r Sunday afternoon, you may be in luck. Of course you don't want to spend all day in bed cause that may a sign of other, bigger, problems.