A pregnant woman stuck in the massive Tappan Zee Bridge traffic jam, has given birth to a healthy baby girl. LoHud reports Ashley Larkin, who left her house with her husband and headed towards the hospital after experiencing contractions, had no idea they'd be stuck on the road fifteen miles from the hospital.

New York State trooper Matthew Forestire was in an unmarked cruiser behind the couple and was able to help get Larkin to an EMS team at Phelps Memorial Hospital Center. Ashley's husband Brian was forced to stay with the family car in the traffic jam while Forestire used his patrol car to whisk her off to the hospital.

Maudie Emilia Larkin was born right in the hostpital parking lot, she was born right as they pulled up. Bother mother and baby are in fine health.

Here's the dramatic footage of the accident that resulted in the massive back ups on the Thruway.