Potentially harmful algae bloom that could leave you or your pets sick was found in water in the Hudson Valley.

Village of Monroe Mayor Neil S. Dwyer notified residents that he was advised by the Department of Environmental Conservation that algae bloom currently exists in pockets of the Millponds. It is a soupy green-like substance on top of the water.

"Because it is hard to tell a HAB (harmful algae bloom) from non-harmful algal blooms, it is best to avoid swimming, boating, otherwise recreating in, or drinking water with a bloom," the DEC says.

Signs are being posted around the ponds advising Monore residents to:

  • not enter into the water, not come in contact with the water
  • not drink the water,
  • not fish in the ponds
  • not allow pets to enter into or drink from the ponds

"Should you or your pet come into contact with the algae bloom water, wash thoroughly with fresh water, Dwyer said. "We expect to see this situation resolve over the next several weeks."

Symptoms to bloom exposure are very similar to symptoms from other gastrointestinal illnesses, officials say. If you experience any of these symptoms after exposure to a bloom, please seek medical assistance from your physician and contact NYS Department of Health