On Wednesday, the New York State Liquor Authority has suspended the liquor license of Darby O' Gill's in Hyde Park, N.Y.

Effective immediately, no alcohol may be sold or consumed on the premises. During the suspension period, the SLA intends to seek the permanent cancelation or revocation of the license.

Following recent complaints of underage drinking at Darby O'Gill's, the NYS Liquor Authority and DMV conducted a compliance inspection at the premises on Friday, November 30.

Undercover investigators entered the premises and observed vans dropping off students from nearby Marist College beginning around 10:00 p.m. Approximately an hour later, with the bar packed to capacity with young-looking patrons, the SLA, along with assistance from the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office began checking IDs.

The investigation found that nearly 90 percent of the 200 patrons were under the age of 21. SLA investigators observed 26 direct sales to minors, in addition to obtaining 46 additional sworn statements from minors who admitted to consuming alcohol.

Investigators issued 115 tickets to minors for possessing a fake ID, and three bartenders were arrested for unlawfully dealing with a child and selling alcohol to a person under the age of 21.

Darby O'Gill's has been charged 77 violations of the ABC Law, including 72 counts for selling to a minor, failure to supervise, serving in an unlicensed outside area and failure to maintain accurate books and records.

SLA has deemed the violation to be sufficiently serious upon initial review to warrant an immediate suspension. The suspension remains in effect until it is modified by the SLA or a reviewing court.