There was a possible Clark Griswold sighting in Middletown Wednesday. The Griswold family station wagon was spotted parked outside the Galleria at Crystal Run by local resident Irma Flores. She decided to take a picture and the photo ended up getting shared several hundred times on social media.

Perhaps its time for station wagons to make a comeback. Complete with classic wood paneling and seating for 12, it's the perfect car for any family trip. And topping out at 14 miles a gallon, just think of all the quality time you'll get to spend with loved ones as you travel to your holiday destination. There's even an upper-level where grandma can feel the breeze blowing through her hair as you cruise down the highway.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation starring Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Randy Quaid, and others debuted in 1989 and was written by John Hughes. It's considered to be a modern Christmas classic.

Photo by: Irma Flores
Photo by: Irma Flores

The movie continues to inspire people today. A holiday prank recently got a little out of hand when a man thought a recreated scene from the movie was actually a real person dangling from the roof.