A hungry suspect (or perhaps, hangry) allegedly attempted to take a bite out of a store employee after stealing food from a shelf. Police say the incident happened early Sunday afternoon after the suspect had swiped multiple store products and put them in her coat pockets.

Now, police say they are searching for this seafood bandit.

Woman in New York Allegedly Steals Seafood and Tries to Bite Person 

NBC says that a female suspect allegedly tried to bite a convenience store employee Sunday afternoon. Nassau County Police said the worker approached the suspect who was stealing "multiple cans of tuna and bags of fish" from the shelves when she pushed him away.

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Police say the suspect then attempted to bite the store employee before running away from the All in One shop in Oceanside.

Police told NBC that the suspect is "about 30 years old, wearing light black jeans, a black jacket and black sneakers."

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Police in New York Say Man Stole Bag of KFC Chicken 

Police say this particular burglary suspect broke the front gate to get into a KFC in Concourse early Sunday, around 2:30 AM. The NYPD says the suspected chicken thief made off with $2,400 from the location's cash register. Police also say the suspect stole a bag of chicken in case he got hungry while running away from the authorities.

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Crime Rates in New York 

Unfortunately, crime has been on the rise since 2020 and officials in New York blame a number of factors - from COVID, to bail reform laws. According to the NYPD, while the number of murders were down last year, crime statistics still rose in six other categories in 2022.

The NYPD says there were 15,731 burglaries in New York in 2022, and that is not even taking the ret of the state into account.

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