Recently local police in Westchester County issued warrants for the arrests of not one but two groups of burglars who have targeted high-end homes in the area. Not only have these burglars been active in Westchester but they have also been active in both Greenwich and Fairfield Connecticut.

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These thieves are not your typical burglars though. Police have identified them as 'tourist burglars' and to this point, a total of 8 warrants have been issued for these individuals across the affected counties. Now law enforcement from Greenwich, New York and New Jersey as well as the FBI are working together to find these individuals.

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What exactly is a 'Tourist Burglar'?

Though it may sound like odd terminology, a tourist burglar sounds exactly like what you think it means. Police have given these individuals this name due to the fact that they are not local citizens but rather citizens who are visiting the area, hit their targets and then return wherever they came from across the border.

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Police Investigation of the Tourist Burglars

Over the course of the months long investigation, police are operating under a few very specific beliefs regarding the thieves. First and foremost, law enforcement has identified these thieves as 'separate groups' though they use the 'same tactics' in order to commit their crimes. Reports from News 12 also state that law enforcement has recognized that this is an issue that is becoming more prevalent throughout the tri-state area.

Under Investigation follder
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Based on police investigation, these crews have put in great effort into their planning of events. They believe that the criminals select multiple targets per trip across the border and then hit the targets at night when no occupants are home. The thieves have also been cautious as police stated that...

if the home is armed with an alarm, they flee the area and don't take anything.


Despite being careful and organized, law enforcement has discovered another trait the groups possess which makes catching them even more difficult. This trait may sound simple but it's that these groups do not stay in the country long before they leave again. Basically, there's a time limit to how long law enforcement has to try and catch these burglars before they escape.

Impact of the Tourist Burglars in the Tri-State Area

Police have been monitoring and investigating these cases of theft for several months now. It was reported that from October of 2021 to today there have been...

Over 70 residential burglaries in Greenwich alone that match the criteria of these groups.


Police are advising that people who leave their homes after the sun goes down in these affected areas do a few things to help protect their homes. At the top of the list is to lock all of your doors and windows and set your security alarms if you have them. Police have also advised that for individuals leaving home for extended periods of time to leave the lights on at home while away and also have neighbors collect your mail for you.

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Police Have Made Progress in Their Investigation

Originally there were a total of 8 warrants issued for the arrests of the suspects in these string of burglaries. However recently 3 of the 8 individuals were recently arrested and taken into custody in Delaware. All three are currently being held in custody, two of them have reported bonds of $500,000 while one individuals bond is $2.5 million.

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