Legendary "Star Trek" actor, George Takei will be visiting the Hudson Valley this month.

Takei was most recently seen in a Pizza Hut ad that ran during the Super Bowl featuring his now-famous catchphrase, "Oh My!" Known mostly for his role as Sulu from "Star Trek," Takei has gained a whole new generation of fans via social media. The humorous and outspoken celebrity has over 10 million Facebook followers.

Takei's visit to the Hudson Valley, however, will take a much more serious tone. The FDR Library has announced that Takei will take part in a conversation about an executive order made by FDR during World War II. The order relocated many Japanese Americans to internment camps for over two years, classifying them as a national security threat after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Takei was five years old when he was taken from his home at gunpoint with his family and sent to live in one of the internment camps. The actor and social activist has been an outspoken opponent of Donald Trump's travel ban, comparing it to the actions that led to his own childhood experiences.

The forum will be moderated by Library Director Paul Sparrow and also feature the great great grandson of Teddy Roosevelt, University of Pennsylvania Law Professor Kermit Roosevelt.

This program will take place on February 19 at 3pm and is open to members of the FDR Library. You can visit the library's website for information on joining and reserving your spot at the forum.