Earlier this week, New York State Police were alerted to an incident which occured in the area of Slate Hill, New York. The call came for an apparent single vehicle motorcycle accident on interstate 84. Upon receiving the call members of the New York State Troopers Greenville barracks responded to the scene.

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Details of Motorcycle Accident in Slate Hill

The accident in question occurred this past on Monday, July 31st. New York State Police from the Greenville barracks responded to the call of the accident shortly before 5pm. Upon arrival, troopers opened up an investigation of the crash.


Through the investigation, law enforcement was able to confirm the identity of the rider. The rider was identified as 23 year old Austin Prey from Matamoras, Pennsylvania. At the time of the accident, Prey had been operating a 2001 Honda Motorcycle as he was traveling westbound on I-84.


While traveling, Prey at some point lost control of the motorcycle. The losing control of the cycle caused Prey and the cycle to flip and roll where he then struck a guardrail. Mobile Life medical officials were on scene to attend to Mr. Prey and the serious injuries he sustained, however those efforts were unsuccessful. It was at the scene of the accident where the Mobile Life officials pronounced Mr. Prey had succumb to his injuries and passed away.

Ambulance #1
Aaron Kohr

Slate Hill Motorcycle Accident Investigation Closed?

At face value it would seem that this investigation would appear to be rather open and shut, however in the official press release from the New York State Police one key piece of information from the investigation was still unknown.

Radio Microphone
Photo by Robinson Recalde on Unsplash

That piece of information was exactly how or what it was that caused Mr. Prey to lose control of his motorcycle to begin with. Specifically the press release states that Mr. Prey lost control of his motorcycle for "unknown reasons'.

New York State Police
New York State Police

One thing that was not specifically mentioned was whether or not the investigation into what caused the accident would continue or if the investigation was considered closed? With that being said, accidents of this nature could be just that, accidents. As unfortunate as it is accidents like this do happen everyday and there's no rhyme or reason behind it.

We will do our best to update this story if any other information is released.

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