A Dad and his family from Syracuse have worked hard on their Lego Christmas display, and they think that you should be able to enjoy the efforts of their work.

It took over six months for Dad, Jason Middaugh, to find all of the Lego parts online to recreate "Ralphie's House" from 'A Christmas Story.' Is this the first attempt for adult Jason to create something out of Lego's? According to nwi.com, Jason built a replica of the Middaugh family home as a gift to his daughter two years ago as a gift for his daughter.

Middaugh thinks that this newest Lego creation has over 2,000 pieces, including a miniature leg lamp. Is this a creation that Lego will be adding to their line up? In order to be considered, they need to get at least 10,000 votes. If they can do that, Lego promised to put it into final consideration to be made a part of the Lego kits that kids can buy in the stores.

Want to help them out and see the entire house, inside and out? Click here and see it on the Lego Ideas site. As of this writing, the Middaugh's had just over 9500 of the 10,000 votes that they needed.