We are working on a an alphabet/letter theme here on My Lost Treasure. We're doing a week of songs that begin with the letter A, then a week of Bs, and so on and so on. Today is the last day of the G songs.

I remember having the Days of Future Passed album by The Moody Blues when I was just a kid. It was rumored to be all about a drug trip. But even before that landmark album, the Moody Blues had lots of hit songs. The first one I remember is Go Now. For years I just assumed it was Justin hayward singing. Then I found out it was actually Denny Laine. At the time I only knew about Denny Laine's work with Paul McCartney and Wings. I'm so happy he will be included when The Moody Blues get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He deserves it.

The Hs are coming up tomorrow. Got a song that starts with the letter H that you would like to hear? Or any song for that matter. Let me know at robyn@wpdh.com or find me on facebook. Thanks!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News