It's the last week of March, and that means the last week of our in and out theme.  We will see if March goes out like a lamb.  It was very lion-like for much of the month.

Speaking of lions, we have a great "out" song today from The Animals.  Lions are animals, get it?  I love The Animals, but it seems the only place you ever get to hear them these days is if you happen to be somewhere that is listening to oldies.  I always thought that The Animals were rocking enough to be considered classic frock, and at one time they were.  Oh well, that is exactly why I do this feature.  So many songs get forgotten.

April 1, one week from today, we will  kick off a new theme on My Lost Treasure.  Got any ideas?  If you do, please pass them along to me.  You can email me at, find me on facebook, or just write below in the comment section.  Thanks, and have a great weekend.