We are working on a letter theme here on My Lost Treasure. It's like the Letter Game from The Boris and Robyn Show. Only different. We are doing a week for each letter. We did a week of songs that start with the letter A, a week of Bs, Cs, etc.  And now we are on the I songs.

The problem with doing only a week of each letter is that there are so many songs to choose from. When I first thought of this theme, there were certain songs that automatically came to  mind for certain letters. This one came to mind when I was thinking ahead to the I songs. And then as I got to the Is I almost forget about it. Until I got a note on facebook from George Ferris requesting it. Thanks George!

Do you have a good I song? Or J, or K song? Let me know at robyn@wpdh.com, or find me on facebook. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Rock News