It is an oldie but goodie weekend on My Lost Treasure.  The current theme is places.  Cities, towns, states, countries, continents, etc.  Today the song is about a city.

I was so young when this song came out, I didn't even realize it was about a big hippie movement going on in San Francisco.  I only knew that I loved the song, that I knew and sung every word to it, and that it was constantly played on the radio.  I didn't know what the heck was going on in San Francisco at the time.  Who knew that I would eventually become a Grateful Dead fan who wished I was old enough to have experienced everything this song was about?

I hope you enjoy today's lost treasure and the rest of your weekend.  If you have a request for My Lost Treasure, just let me know.  Boris and I will be on the air tomorrow morning at six.  Talk to you then.