It is a Negative Ns theme on My Lost Treasure.  A pretty broad theme, I admit.  It includes songs with no, not, nowhere, no one, nobody, never, etc.  That leaves us with an awful lot of songs to choose from.

Today, it is a double "no" song from Ringo Starr.  I have mixed feelings about this song. When it first came out I liked it.  Then, as the years passed, I thought it was pretty goofy.  And now I appreciate it again.  I am okay with the fact that Ringo's songs are not necessarily deep, but they are fun.  Today's pick falls into that category.  And it was a pretty big hit for Ringo.

Got any ideas for our Negative Ns theme?  Let me know at, on facebook, or in the comments below. Thanks. Have a great weekend, and Boris and I will talk to you bright and early Monday morning.