Today is Jan. 15, and this was the day that late Lynyrd Skynyrd vocalist and founding member Ronnie Van Zant was born. Jan. 15, 1948. Sadly, we lost Ronnie back on October 20, 1977 when the plane he was in crashed in Mississippi after running out of fuel.

I guess I'm lucky that I'm old enough to remember Lynyrd Skynyrd before the infamous plane crash. It was a real shock when we heard about the crash, and many of us thought that would be the end of this awesome group. But they really are survivors, and not only did Skynyrd continue over the years, they thrived. And they have done so through many changes and a fair share of tragedies.

Today on My Lost Treasure, I'm featuring one of my all time favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd songs. And big thanks going out to Ronnie Van Zant. I hope he's in some dimension making great music on his birthday.