It is the last day of the theme the sky and beyond on My Lost Treasure.  Today's pick was a big hit and is an oldie.  I actually knew about it before it became a hit.  It is the second song we used for this theme that was originally on the soundtrack to the Broadway musical Hair.

We had the soundtrack to Hair at my house when I was just a young kid, and I own the cd as an adult.  It had a few hits that were rerecorded by artists not on the soundtrack.  The first song we featured from Hair on this theme was Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In by The Fifth Dimension.  Today's song was recorded by Oliver, and became a big hit.  I loved it, then I didn't love it so much, and now I love it again.  And it is a good Sunday morning song.

Boris and I are back on the air tomorrow at 6am.  Tomorrow we also kick off our new theme of songs with babe or baby in the title.  Talk to you then.