The theme on My Lost Treasure is old and/or new.  Today the word is old.  Last night we featured The Grateful Dead, and today it is another Jerry Garcia Band.  Old and in the Way is a super group, an album, and a song.  It's what made realize that I am a bluegrass fan.

The group features not only Jerry Garcia, but also David Grisman, Peter Rowan, and Vassar Clemens among others.  It has cool bluegrass covers of Wild Horses and Panama Red and also some great traditional tunes.  Today's lost treasure is the whole album.  I listened to this album nonstop when I was in my late teens and early twenties, and then years later I found the cd for eight bucks at Best Buy.  And it was one of my best buys ever.  I still love the music and the memories it brings back.  This one is for my old friend Tommy Webster, by the way.  He is neither old nor in the way.

Got any requests or suggestions for the old and/or new theme?  Let me know at  Thanks, and have a great weekend.