Today is my sister's birthday.  My sister Iris is four years older than I am, and she introduced me to music.  We listened to The Beatles together.  We watched and listened to The Monkees.  Music was a big part of our lives.

And as we got older, she continued to influence my taste in music.  From Carole King to Bob Dylan to The Grateful Dead, and more.  And I still listen to artists she recommends.  A few years back she introduced me to Lucinda Williams...and artist I now love (thanks also to my friends Sharyn and Kenny for approving that recommendation and taking me to my first Lucinda concert).  I even got to meet Lucinda backstage at The Bardavon! honor of my sister Iris and her birthday, and to say thanks for all the great music she turned me's Lucinda Williams.  This is one of my favorites...give it a listen, I think you'll like it too.