We are working on a an alphabet/letter theme here on My Lost Treasure. We're doing a week of songs that begin with the letter A, then a week of Bs, and so on and so on. Kind of like the Letter Game that we play every day on The Boris and Robyn Show. We are on the Ds.

Today's pick will be very familiar to us baby boomers. Maybe not so much for you youngsters, though. This is one that brings back so many memories for me. This song is really the only one I know by Lee Michaels, but I will always remember it. We used to play it quite a bit in the early days of WPDH, but it's one of those songs you just don't hear very much these days. Every once in a while, if you happen to be someplace where they are playing oldies, you might just hear it. Or you can check it out right here right now.

We'll be kicking off a week of E songs on Monday. Got a song that starts with the letter E that you would like to hear? Or an F song? Any song for that matter. Let me know at robyn@wpdh.com or find me on facebook. Thanks!

Bonus Video: Robyn Taylor’s Cat News