The theme for the month of April is the negative Ns.  Songs with negative N words in the title like no, not, nowhere, nobody, none, etc.  Today's song was a suggestion from Eileen in New Windsor.  And i am not sure I would have thought of this one on my own, so thanks Eileen.

This song was recorded by John Lennon before he died in 1980, but apparently it was not complete.  John's widow Yoko Ono finished it up and released it a few years after John died.  It is one of those John Lennon songs that I don't think about too often, but when I hear it I like it. Plus, it features Kingston's own Tony Levin on bass. A great song with a local connection that fits the theme.  Sounds like a winner.

We will be wrapping up the negative Ns theme this weekend, and then it's on to our new theme.  You ready to hear what it is?  Who, what, where, why, and when.  The five Ws.  Start thinking of your ideas now, and send them to Thanks!