Our theme currently on My Lost Treasure is up and down.  Today's song was a suggestion, once again, from my facebook friend Matt.  And it is a great one that I am sure I would have forgotten about, and I am not proud of that.

I can remember being a teenager with my brand new drivers license tooling around my home town of New Windsor with my friend Pammy Angelotti.  I had an eight track player, and some really cool tapes to go with it.  Dark Side of the Moon was one I listened to a lot.  Another favorite was Four Way Street by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.  And then there was Aqualung.  We wore that tape out.  One of my favorite songs on the album is the one we are playing today for My Lost Treasure.  Years later, I had a conversation with my then coworker and friend John Tobin.  I am pretty sure it was the awesomeness of this song that we talked about.

Thanks Matt, for the great idea and for bringing back some great memories.  If anyone else has an idea or a request, pass it on to me.  Than ks.  It's robyn@wpdh.com.