We are building a city through songs on My Lost Treasure. We just added a switching yard, and before we put any more trains in we better build a station. Today happens to be Bob Weir's 70th birthday, so this is perfect for the day and the theme. I always forget to listen to my Terrapin Station cd. But then I remember that I have it, and when I do listen I am so happy. This is such a great album.

I met Bob a couple of times. I don't remember much about the first time. He was at The Chance with Bobby and The Midnights, and I got to go on his tour bus. I don't remember much, but I think it was really awesome. The second time was over the phone in the early 2000s. He wouldn't speak up and I could tell he would rather not be doing the interview. But he was polite.

Happy birthday, Bob Weir. Thanks for keeping The Dead alive. And thanks tor all the great music.

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