The theme on My Lost Treasure is the Five Ws. Who, What, Where, When, and Why. Today's lost treasure has the "what" in parentheses, but that has never stopped us before.

Our song for today was actually written by Nick Lowe, but it was Elvis Costello that made it famous, so that is the one I am playing for My Lost Treasure. And I am sending this one out to my morning show partner Boris. He is a big fan of Elvis Costello. So am I, but he's got me beat when it comes to how many times he has seen him in concert. And I am pretty sure he owns more Elvis Costello music than I do.

If you know a song that contains one of the five Ws in the title, let me know so I can use it for My Lost Treasure. Email it to me at, or find me on facebook. Thanks for the help.