I used to be a big fan of The Eagles.  I still love a lot of their music, an Desperado is one of my desert island discs, but somewhere along the way my love for The Eagles died down a bit.  Maybe when they got so big that they didn't seem like regular guys anymore.

Or maybe it was when Don Henley started opening his mouth too much.  And not just to sing. While I respect his love for his causes, but you don't have to be arrogant to get a point across.  And Don Henley tends to come off as a bit arrogant.  Yet, I love him as a musician.  That's the story of my love and hate for Don.  I'm very torn.  But I love him enough to include this one for our old and/or new theme.  Damn you Don Henley!

We will be wrapping up this theme in a few days.  The new category will be up and down.  Songs with up or down in the title.  Got any ideas or requests?  Let me know at robyn@wpdh.com.  Thanks